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Welcome to Granite Worktops UK!

Welcome to Granite Worktops UK – a brand new blog concerning all granite, quartz and internal décor. On a monthly basis we will discuss which stone worktops are the best selling products, what cabinets are rated as customer favourite or which flooring types suit your colour scheme.

This platform aims to provide all readers informative or inspiring content, so that each person finishes a reading session by learning or discovering something new.

Our copywriting and research team are not only professionals in the field of granite worktops, but also have great connections. This means that once in a while you might see us post discounts or exclusive deals for vast UK or European companies.

We not only aim to help our readers, or provide them invaluable advice, we also wish to also provide money-saving means or techniques. After all, saving money, now matter the budget, is pivotal in this day and age. We guarantee that our blog will help you at all cost to minimise the spending during a refurbishing or renovating procedure.

What should you expect from the Granite Worktops UK blog?

Our blog will touch on a variety of subject matter. Of course, our priority will be worktops. We will compare stone vs laminate. We will discuss vast cleaning procedures. We’ll recommend the best granite manufacturers in the UK. In general, we wish to utilise this platform as means to pass you creative and enticing information.

What else to expect at Granite Worktops UK:

  • Granite, quartz and ceramic colour comparisons
  • Discussion of prices for the three stone materials
  • Analysis of Corian, laminate worktops or wood
  • Granite offcuts and their uses + applications
  • Decorating your home with stone, not just the kitchen
  • Methods of granite installation and should you do it

This blog will be abundant in topics like the ones mentioned above, and many more exciting subjects. We highly recommend to favourite or bookmark our webpage, so you don’t miss anything!


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