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Kitchen worktops Manchester – Choosing the right granite and quartz worktops Manchester supplier

Choosing the right kitchen worktop is always very difficult. There are a lot of different factors which can sway your opinion, change your mind or outright persuade you straight away.

quartz worktops Manchester kitchen

It’s a dilemma that few of us want to be in. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

If you are a new home buyer in Manchester UK, and you’re in the midst of a kitchen refurbishing project, then feel free to read on. We’ll provide you with valuable tips, suggest which material to choose, and which supplier in Greater Manchester and Lancashire is the most reliable.

Laminate kitchen worktops or granite & quartz worktops Manchester?

A question which has been haunting many home buyers for decades now. Should you pick natural stone like granite worktops or laminate or wood worktops?

There are three major aspects to consider in this situation: kitchen worktops cost, durability and longevity.

It’s safe to say that a granite and quartz worktop win in two of those categories. They are some of the toughest kitchen worktop materials on the market. Durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant and almost impervious to impacts and other mechanical damage. Laminate or wooden worktops are definitely inferior in that aspect. Not only do they stain and warp, but also scratch very easily.

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If you cut your veggies on quartz worktops without a chopping board, you won’t expose the kitchen surface to scratches. This is the opposite of laminate or wood – you slice the work surface with a sharp knife once and it’s all over. Any contact with a blade will permanently damage this kitchen worktop Manchester surface.

Not to mention the hygiene is completely disrupted. A damaged, warped or cracking worktop = grime, food particles and bacteria which can grow in these cervices. Granite and quartz, on the other hand, are smooth, impervious surfaces, therefore you will always wipe all the grime and bacteria away with a simple wipe of damp cloth.

In terms of kitchen worktops price, laminate worktop have the upper hand. They can be even upwards of £500 cheaper – but it’s certainly nothing to gloat about. It’s a classic case of ‘you get what you pay for’.

You pay less now, but in 4-5 years you’ll be expected to pay again, that same price, to replace the damaged worktops. Their longevity is very, very poor. Meanwhile quartz makes for a near perfect worktop. We’ve read reviews online that they can last up to decades, in some cases outliving whole generations of people.

We think it’s pretty clear who wins the contest between quartz worktops Manchester and laminate worktops Manchester.

Are granite worktops and quartz worktops available in many colours?

Absolutely. The colour variety of both is very extensive, perhaps even greater than that of laminate tops.granite worktops Manchester in kitchen

While granite is only available in 50-60 colours, since it is a natural stone, quarried from the earth, quartz stone is a man-made finished product, and therefore produced by brands like Compac, Silestone, Fugen, Cimstone or Caesarstone in the hundreds.

Which quartz worktops supplier Manchester to choose? Can you browse the colour range?

We highly recommend you explore the whole range of kitchen quartz worktops Manchester choices Here. This marble, quartz, ceramic & granite worktops Manchester supplier is located in Salford, UK. Their reviews are amazing and they have a one-of-a-kind digitalised sample gallery, where you can browse a whole range of stunning, quality stone countertop materials.

Does this Manchester granite worktop supplier have a showroom?

Indeed they do. Polish Granite’s showroom is located in Salford, merely 5 minutes away from Media City UK. They produce, manufacture, cut and polish all the quartz worktops at a workshop in the same location.

grey kitchen worktops Manchester

Many reviews online say that their Manchester quartz worktops are of exquisite quality. Not only the workmanship itself is superb, produced by experienced, professional masons, but the material itself is top quality.

After all, they only cooperate with reliable, trusted brands. They reject working with unreliable materials like metal, wood or corian worktops as their motto is that a customer satisfaction should last for decades (which, as we discussed, is the case with stone countertops).

Should you choose their Manchester quartz worktop service?

YES! If we haven’t made it clear enough, these manufacturers of granite and quartz worktops are the best reviewed worktop suppliers in Manchester area.

woman smiling while cooking in kitchen

And this isn’t a random statement – they have been around for over 17 years, establishing themselves as early as 2006.

This means that they had time to garner the experience, reputation and a trusted customers base who apparently are returning customers when they move houses. This is unheard of in this trade.

  • Highest quality granite worktops in Manchester
  • Stress free, quick and efficient installation + delivery
  • New kitchen fitted with utmost professionalism
  • Fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Specialists with a combined 80+ years of experience
  • Benefits in form of free chopping boards and special discounts
  • Hundreds of samples in showroom (different styles, colour, pattern)
  • Create, supply and deliver mini projects from an extensive offcut range
Do you need an appointment to visit their granite worktops Manchester showroom?

No appointments required. You can drive up to their place anytime between Monday and Saturday and they will help you select that perfect sample for a quartz worktop project.

Once you get there they will ask you for rough measurements of your kitchen. Then they will help you match the right colour (browsing vast patterns and styles) with your cabinets and general kitchen design style.

stunning kitchen with stone worktops in Manchester UK

If, in the meantime you have any concerns or questions, they will provide you with all help and advice. Once this is completed, according to these plans and the selected colour, they will create you an individual, custom free quotation for your granite worktops.

If you agree with the price of granite worktops Manchester, you’ll be able to arrange a templating and fitting date. They will come out to your Manchester property within a couple of days, depending which date you prefer, and take precise dimensions of your kitchen.

After that it’s about a 5-7 day wait for the quartz worktop installation services. Their team will visit you on a designated date and complete the fitting process in merely few hours, leaving the place in a clean, tidy condition.


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